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Dealing With Doubts in Islam

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This book was written for the benefit of three categories of people: those close to converting to Islam but who have doubts, those who struggle with the whispers of Satan, causing them to doubt Islam, and those interested in learning more about Islam to get closer to God and invite others to the faith.
It's natural to have doubts and to question your beliefs about God and Islam. Islam encourages the one with doubts to seek knowledge and understanding to cope with these feelings. Neglecting your doubts can cause confusion and great damage to your spiritual health. Yet embarking upon a journey of understanding, dealing with your doubts, and not allowing Satan's whispers to lead you astray will clear your understanding so that you can get closer to your Creator.
Due to certain misconceptions about Islam, as spread through existing anti-Islamic websites, you may have been fed some concepts that make you question whether Islam is a religion of and from God. This book addresses the top misconceptions and misunderstandings about Islamic concepts. They include Aisha's age when she married Prophet Muhammad PBUH, evolution, why God created evil, why Caliph Uthman burned the Holy Quran, whether the sword spread Islam, the question of whether women are oppressed in Islam, the concept of Jihad, Jizya, different sects of Islam, female inheritance, the punishment for Apostasy, hand cutting, lashing, the question of whether Prophet Muhammad PBUH or Satan could have written the Holy Quran, and much more!
Topics in this book include:
The Young Age of Aisha When She Married Prophet Muhammad PBUH
If God Exists, Why Does He Allow Evil, Pain, Suffering, and Sickness?
If God Preordained Everything, Why Should I be held Accountable?
Does Islam Believe in Evolution?
What is the Concept of Hell? Can Hell be Justified?
Why Did God Create Hell, Knowing that Some People Will Be Condemned?
Could Prophet Muhammad PBUH have Copied its Text from Another Source?
Could the Holy Quran Be Inspired b
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