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241: Attention Entrepreneurs: Grow Your Business Using Stages with Pete Vargas

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Pete Vargas is the founder of Advance Your Reach, an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs spread their message and grow their business through stages – both physical (speeches, etc.) and digital (podcasts, webinars, etc.) – even if you have a fear of public speaking.
He’s helped people reach audiences of up to a billion individuals on over 25,000 stages, generating over $10 million in revenue.
Pete believes that your signature talk is the most powerful marketing tool you have. If you’re an entrepreneur or have a message you want to get out there, Pete wants you to learn how to make the most of it – including what to say on stage, how to identify what the right stage is (both figuratively and literally), and how to conquer the common fears that stop people from becoming public speaking powerhouses.
Today, Pete joins the podcast for the second time to provide immediate action steps you can take to spread your message.

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