Dänna Wilberg

Borrowed Time - Book 1 - Broken Promises

Imagine being shot, thrown into a pool, and left for dead. But by some miracle you survive−only to be tormented by visions of young women being murdered…When Suzanne Cash’s dead fiancé, Jack, appears during her near-death experience, she credits him for saving her life. But when he keeps reappearing, hijacking her sanity, and insisting she revisit her past, she questions his motives.
Why would he lead her into the lair of a serial killer? And what is his connection to the victims? Detective Sam Metzger wants answers, even if it means suspending his disbelief about things unknown.As the body count rises, Suzanne’s visions become more frequent and Goldorado’s Sheriff’s Department is on the hook.
Sam knows the clock is ticking, and although Jack is determined to help Suzanne understand her nefarious visions, lifting the veil to the other side is out of his control. After all, in the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, destiny must prevail.
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