Laura Haworth

Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting for Beginners: 2 Audiobooks in 1 - Learn the benefits and Effects of the Keto Fasting Lifestyle

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Can You imagine how life would be when you’ve finally managed to cut those extra pounds, improved your physical and mental energy and generally became more productive?

It may seem like a dream, but that life you’ve been thinking of living once you attain your ideal body size and health is within reach now more than ever before! Yes, even if you don’t believe it, the science behind how and why the diet works will prove you wrong, when you start noticing the signs of ketosis, having your belly fat shrink and seeing the number on the scale reducing!

Am I fit to start following the keto diet?

How do you follow intermittent fasting to enjoy its amazing benefits?

Where do I start?

What benefits can I expect to get from following the keto diet?

How do you eat, and when?

How does it burn fat?

How do I follow the diet and optimize its effectiveness so that I derive the most benefits from it?

What are the dos and don’ts as far as food options are concerned?

Is this something I can follow for the long term and if so, how do I do it?

Are there any challenges I need to be aware of and if so, how do I deal with them?

This audiobook is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Alongside comprehensive details on how the keto diet and intermittent fasting works, and what you need to eat or avoid, you’ll learn how to follow the diet to improve your body size, boost your metabolism and more importantly, how to prepare delicious meals to assure yourself an enjoyable and sustainable experience!
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