Rufus Dunn

Finding your Path Using the Enneagram

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Do you feel like you are stuck in the same old situation and you have no idea how to take a new direction in life? Are you wondering how your partner, friends and colleagues are always energetic and motivated while you are not? If your answer to these questions was YES, then you need to keep reading...
Here's a quick preview of what you will discover:
The methods to INSTANTLY identify which is your personality type (you'll not believe how ACCURATE the descriptions are for each type!)What it is that DRIVES and MOTIVATES each personality type and how to satisfy exactly all their needs and desires.How to recognize that you're living in an unhealthy state of being and how to find the balance you need!How to take advantage of your STRENGTHS and use your weaknesses to start a real self-development and self-growth journey.Why you should ACCEPT yourself the WAY YOU ARE and why it is KEY to understand which your purpose in life is and how to live it to the fullest.Easy techniques to understand why you are sabotaging your relationships by transforming some personality types into your worst enemies.Essential secrets to learn how to build DEEP and LIFE-CHANGING connections with people of different personality types (hint: there's no magic nor bribery involved.)And much much more
Even if you've already tried to discover the characteristics of your personality with other tests or you are already good at socializing, the studies described in this guide can help you reach the best version of yourself and will give you the best tips to fully understand others.
If you want to unlock access this potent information about the human psyche and unleash your full potential, then you should start this book today!
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