Dvora Elisheva

Connecting the Dots of a Disconnected Life

What happens when you mix faith in Jesus, a dysfunctional family, and abuse with a longing to serve in China, moving to Israel, and the death of your dreams? Responding to the call of her heritage, Dvora moved to Israel, developed a successful career and had a fruitful ministry among Chinese students…but her internal world was fractured. She married at 52 and became a widow at 55. Would trusting in God really be enough to get her through?

Connecting the Dots of a Disconnected Life is a true story that reads like fiction – a page-turner with something in it for everyone.

Well-acquainted with grief and loss, author Dvora Elisheva writes with courageous honesty about her life, experiences, and relationship with God. Her story carries “dots” of hope, mercy, and grace from above to reveal a new perspective of hurt, disappointment, and grief. Dvora invites you into her journey connecting the dots of her seemingly disconnected life, hoping that you too will connect the unique dots of your life, and with her, discover a faith in God that brings it all together.

The printed copy includes a short discussion guide is added at the end, to encourage a deeper look at the many different issues raised within.
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