Ken T Seth

Scary Stories That I Will Never Forget: Short Scary Stories for Kids - Book 1

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Scary stories that I will never forget
Short Scary Stories for Kids
BOOK 1 : The First day at our Haunted House
When young Jordan browses through an old photo album, his little son sees a strange-looking boy in a picture, and asks who that is. Jordan begins to narrate the scary story about the haunted house he grew up in.
In 1995, eight-year-old Jordan, his mom, dad and sister, Amy, arrive at the isolated and old Victorian house. Jordan hears a boy’s voice whisper – I was waiting for you… Jordan is terrified, because he hears the voice repeatedly, and it appears; he is the only one who hears it.
Jordan continues to experience eerie and bizarre happening around him. He feels icy cold hands grabbing his feet at night, in the darkness. Terrifying things happen that scares the wits off Jordan.
One day, Jordan sits down on the garden swing, and chats with Amy about all the strange things that he is experiencing… but is it really Amy, who is seated by his side? Or is it one of the ghosts in Amy’s form?
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