John Galt

The Black Ferry

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John Galt (1779-1839) was a Scottish novelist, entrepreneur, and political and social commentator.

One night, a traveller is waiting for the young ferryman to return, as he is unable to take himself over the river, owing to a broken arm. While he waits, a young military recruit and a heavily pregnant woman arrive, arguing. They set off together on the ferry. The old ferryman's wife thinks she hears a shriek shortly afterwards, but the night is so stormy and black that they can see nothing. That night the traveller has strange and disturbing nightmares. Every year on the anniversary of this date, for seven years, he had further terrifying dreams, which he describes to a learned friend. Fourteen years from the incident at the ferry, a stranger is lodged with them, who looks strangely familiar. It is the young recruit from the black ferry...and what follows is bizarre and terrifying.
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