Julie Midtgaard

The Rift to Luscuro #2: The Element Plague

Luscuro is plagued by a mysterious illness. It seems to be incurable, and the elemental powers don’t help – quite the opposite!
At the same time, Notio is preparing for the placement ceremony that decides where Dawn and the other second-year aspirants will serve their apprenticeship. Most are sent to their respective Sixter towns, but Dawn’s name lands in another, more dangerous location.
Should she accept the Goddess’ decision? Or even worse: Should she oppose it?
An enigmatic realm begins to open itself, while Queen Sora gains the support of an unimaginable ally …

The Element Plague is the second book in the series The Rift to Luscuro. On her journey, Dawn discovers not only friendship and love – but also enemies, a disastrous imbalance of power, and secrets much greater than any her hometown of Aalborg ever held.
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