Carlos Camacho

Goodbye Charlie

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A white room.
A small recorder.
A man about to die,
another about to live.
Charlie, a charismatic psychologist turned rock star, awaits his public execution with unnerving calmness. He tells his provocative story to reluctant author, Alistair, who has been commissioned to write an adverse account of Charlie´s histrionic rise and breathtaking fall. As his journey unfolds, Alistair encounters the strange people who knew Charlie, taking him to exotic places around the world. He discovers a curious and disquieting secrecy, a peculiar world of complicity and a plot to protect Charlie´s short but extraordinary life.
Professionally narrated by the deep-toned voice of artist Allon Silove, and a few bars of music "A Beautiful Day" separating chapters written by Carlos Camacho, performed by KuKO, add to the real feel of the story.
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Author's Republic


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