Gerry MacPherson

Hotel, Resorts or Inns Strategies to Increase Your Bookings & Profit

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This book is designed for a hospitality property owners/managers who do not have the benefit of a ready-made organizational structure, branding & marketing.
Have you ever asked yourself any of the questions?
“How can I get more guests?”
“How can I encourage my guests to return?”
“How can I organize my business so I don’t have to be there 24/7?”
“How can I find & keep the right employees?”
  “How can I market so I reach my target clientele?”
“How does my property compare to my competition?
This book will give you the resources to help you clear common hurdles many hospitality property owners & managers face.
  What type of owner/manager you are: A business opportunist, a supervisor or a skilled worker.
How to set a plan to achieve your goals.
Why you need & how to create a hospitality property strategy. 
The importance of customer service along with proven tips & techniques you can use to impress your guests.                                       
How to improve your chain of service.
Marketing strategies that work.
The importance of social media & how to benefit.                                   
How to WOW your guests.
I want to contribute to a strategic vision for every hospitality property wishing to create a happy & fulfilling experience for their customers & employees.
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