B.E. Baker

The Setback

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Amanda Brooks has made a new home for herself in Birch Creek, and she's finally learning to love the right way. But our past always catches up to us, and when her family surprises her with a visit, it slams into her plans like a bowling ball, knocking pins in every direction.

Donna Ellingson has a new job and a fresh resolve to embrace happiness with both hands. But every big change has its difficulties, and she’s not sure whether she made the right choice. It’s hard to move ahead when you keep looking back.

Helen Fisher has never deviated from her life plan. When things go wrong, she handles them, one way or another. When her family in Birch Creek needs a little of her attention, she resolves to deal with it quickly and get right back on track.

Can these three women navigate their respective setbacks and move forward with grace and hope? Or will these life changes alter their futures forever?
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