Manly Palmer Hall

The Emotional and Mental Stress Collection with Manly Palmer Hall

Sit back and enjoy some Manly Palmer Hall inspirational Audio Downloads. We have put together some of Manly's great inspirational talks. This specially priced bundle offers a great discount. Selections are made available from our library. These recordings from a number of her past live lectures are a way to put yourself right there with him and feel the words.

The titles include:

01. The Golden Verses of Pythagoras 02. How Emotions Can Contribute to Spiritual Growth03. The Magnetic Fields of the Human Body and Their Functions04. Emotional Stress05. To Be or Not to Be: An Individual Has to be a Moderate Extremist06. Christmas: The Day When Divine Love was Made Flesh07. Mental Stress: The Last Recorded Lecture08. The Search for Man's Natural Religions
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