Janna Donovan


BURNOUT DIARIES is the gritty, personal account of Janna Donovan, a marketing manager who found herself battling burnout in a foreign country. It details the distrust, shame, and secrecy that eventually led to panic events, depression, and plans for suicide.
“Absolutely amazing book.” “I could not put this book down!” “Beautifully written, honest and revealing.” “Gripping read… Donovan's struggle was vivid, yet relatable.” “I couldn't get enough, I devoured this book in an afternoon. It left me wanting more.”
The story reads more like a novel than a business book. It’s funny and tragic and “Did she really go there?” rolled into one fascinating true story. Based on Janna Donovan’s personal diaries, it is different from other business stress books. The author outs herself, broken heart and all.
Janna is a business manager who has worked for a multinational company, a .com startup, and a retailer. She now helps individuals with high amounts of work stress and worry. She became a therapist, after seeing firsthand what anxiety disorders, depression and burnout do to us. She shares what she went through and answers the question, “Why am I like this?” Her experience can help you break up with anger, resentment, anxiety and guilt.
Listeners who would benefit from listening to this book:
• Tired professionals who feel like what they do is never enough
• Power contributors who take on twice the workload of their peers
• People who experience unhealthy work stress in any job worked
• Anyone who loves a workaholic
“Donovan's formatting had me finishing the book in 72 hours… a fast-paced read.” “So many "self-help" books read as a textbook. This one is relatable, witty, and relevant.” “This book helped me get closure I didn't know I needed.”
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