Ronald B. Beach

The Virtual Divide

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The Virtual Work World ... You May Love It ... or Hate It!Do you manage a remote team?
Are there times that you feel frustrated and stressed?
Have expectations been set without the how-to in getting there?
Today's work world is different. Workers are different. Employers are different. Locations at where to work are different. And expectations are different from leadership, management, employees, and customers.
With the advent of the virtual workplace, and the drive for team-based organizations, it is critical that professional managers understand two critical elements:
1. How modern technology has caused a change in the manner of group dynamics.
2. How team members need to be managed. Too often, new managers are thrown into a potential lion s den of virtual piranhas without the critical training that would pave the way to success as a new manager of a remote team. Setting expectations without providing the know-how in delivering the results.
The Virtual Divide reveals that there is no perfect leadership style; how to get results with team meetings and ways to communicate clearly and effectively, and how to inspire and build trust within the team. Leaders have two roles in a virtual organization, to simulate creativity and innovation, and to urge participation and achievement.
Throughout The Virtual Divide, you will discover author Ron Beach's Virtual Nuggets; virtual nuggets created that are derived from his combined 30 years of leading both face-to-face and remote teams. His wisdom is demonstrated daily as he teaches managers and leaders how to lead the new generation of workplaces: the virtual workplace.
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