Regina Williams

The Traumatized Child: The Strategies for Nurturing, Understanding and Parenting an Explosive Child who is Easily Frustrated

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Are you aware that children who have experienced emotional tuggles need to feel safe and loved. All parents want to provide this type of nurturing home for their children. However, when parents don't have an understanding of the consequences of trauma, they could misinterpret their child’s behavior and find themselves frustrated or resentful.

Their efforts to address troubling behavior in their children may be ineffective or, in some instances, even harmful and subsequently make parenting horrible.
This is why this book is aimed at helping parents understand the trauma their children may be going through and build the right mindset and attitude to address and relate with their children with care, and love.

This book talks about the signs of trauma and stress in children, tips for helping kids of various age group, consequences of child years trauma, how to treat traumatized children, and many more.
By upping your understanding of stress and trauma in children, you can help support your child’s recovery, your relationship with her or him, as well as help your family thrive to enjoy.
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