Delroy G. James

The Red Myths

If you learned the truth about the church, would you be willing to give up religion if it meant saving the world?
Professor Garrett Somers wants to liberate the planet from religious rules that hinder people's freedom of choice. He becomes embroiled in a series of events and must rely on his knowledge of history to survive unscathed. His work exposed him to historical documents that revealed the actual cause of religious conflicts on the planet. It put him in danger because he also gave a lecture that disparaged the church. He purposely expresses his dissatisfaction with the High Council in public, blaming them for escalating conflicts worldwide.
In time, most of the world accepted the church's teachings. So, when people fail to understand the importance of enduring their own beliefs, vultures will take advantage of their ignorance. In his quest, he and his allies discovered an ancient secret that threatens the church. He is determined to do whatever it takes to make sure people are free. But will he succeed, or will the world face eventual destruction because his attempt failed?
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