D. Richard Ferguson

Escape from Paradise

He thought it was paradise. Was he wrong?Torn from his family, Adam lands in a world of giants, wild animals, and marauding mountain people. Unable to find his way home, he discovers an alluring paradise—a golden city where he builds a new life, safe from the terrors outside the walls.
But when the city begins to crumble, Adam asks forbidden questions to discover why—and how he can stop it.
Then a chance encounter with a strange little girl changes everything.
She claims to know why he was brought into this world and the way back to his family. She insists he leave the doomed city and follow her to the high country to join the mountain people.
Squeezed between the collision of two kingdoms, Adam must decide. Should he risk everything and follow the girl? Or is she one of the many spies, sent to lure him into a trap?
With plenty of action, mystery, and suspense, Escape from Paradise will take you places you’ve never been and open windows of insight into life in the kingdom of God.
Order your copy today and prepare to be thrilled, inspired, and changed.

What readers are saying...★★★★★
"Cinematic!" - Sam Severn, editor
"I am not a huge reader of fantasy normally, but this book completely piqued my interest. I couldn't put it down. Its fast moving, full of mystery and suspense." Amazon reviewer
"Part Pilgrim's Progress, part Screwtape Letters, part Religious Affections, part City of God, yet something completely its own, this is a book that is incredibly easy to read, while packed with deep theology and is immensely thought-provoking. I was expecting an allegory, but I was not expecting it to so clearly draw out Biblical implications for real life." - Amazon reviewer
"My kids, ages 6-13 all were riveted by the audio version." - Amazon reviewer
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