Walt Roberts

Live Streaming Kit

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It’s your worst fear.
Trying to live stream video…
But you don’t know where to start.
Yes, it’s overwhelming at first, but this short book is going to help.
From the co-host of Live Streaming Tech on YouTube, comes a new guide on the best first steps to live streaming video.
Most gamers and video influencers make live streaming look way too easy. In practice, it’s much harder.
After over two decades of learning and applying in computer technology, Walt Roberts shares his keen insights on what you need to do to start live streaming video immediately.
Would you rather grind it out and hope for the best? Or, go into live streaming video with confidence?
With dozens of platforms and tons of technology, discover exactly what you need including:
When is the right time for you to go liveWhat gear is the best to invest in & what to avoidWhy you don’t have to wait to get paid as a live streamer & gamerHow to save your money when buying microphones, webcams or other peripheralsWhere is the best live streaming platform: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or PeriscopeAnd, so much more!You’ll love this short read, because it’s going to get you live streaming with confidence right away.
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