Paul Sating

RIP: A Thriller Novel

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Women are being murdered. A serial killer on the loose. One reporter with a story to tell.Janis Herring is a pariah in Memphis’ media circles. Fired from her television job, she will do anything to get back in the game. When the city’s leading newspaper offers her a chance at redemption, she finds herself writing the hottest story the city has ever seen.
Soon fighting on all fronts. Peers are moving in to steal the story. The police are unwilling to cooperate. And now, a strange man is stalking her.
A pattern is developing in the string of murders that has Janis questioning her friends, family, and even herself.
The story of the Memphis Murders was going to re-establish her as the preeminent reporter in the city, but with the pressure mounting, will her new boss give her the chance, and will the killer give her the time?
Grab your copy and join the mystery!
Paul Sating
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