Elizabeth SaFleur


Her heart’s desire is the one thing he vowed never to give.
Samantha Rose views her dance—on the pole, on the silks, in the air—as an empowering art form. Not a come-on to entice men to shower her with fancy gifts she doesn’t want. In reality, her dreams look more like home. Love. Lots of children.
So far, she’s 0-and-too-many for finding the man who’ll fit into that dream. He definitely isn’t Derek Damon Wright, the enigmatic, Viking-conqueror-sexy owner of Club Frost. Though every time he looks at her, she feels it like silk wrapped around her skin.
With thirty successful night clubs worldwide, Derek hasn’t had time to play—the kind that involves ropes, steel, and webbing on tender female flesh. Until he spots Sam suspended twenty feet above Club Frost’s stage, and heat blooms in places inside him long gone cold.
Except the things he wants to give her—luxury, decadence—she doesn’t want. And the one thing she does? He vowed long ago never to give anyone.
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