Adam Martin

Emotional Intelligence Mastery

Does your routine make you feel overwhelmed?

Would you like to learn the secret methods used by successful people around the world to manage and change negative emotions?

Emotional intelligence compensates for 90% of what distinguishes high performers from the common ones. Emotional intelligence will not be an inborn trait that's mostly influenced by genetics, unlike intelligence quotient. It's a form of intelligence that may be accomplished over a stretch of time through consistent effort, practice, and discipline.

In this book you will discover:

• What is emotional intelligence
• How emotional intelligence affects your relationships
• What is NLP and how it can change your perspective
• How to rule and change your own deepest thoughts
• What is manipulation and how it works
• Body language, how to read people's emotions through gestures
• How to manage and reduce negative emotions
• What are the steps to get successful through emotional intelligence
• How to improve your emotional intelligence skills
• How to live a life that is happy and fulfilled
• And much more!

You will have the capability to take the best out of your relationships, business and all the areas of your life.

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