Shauna Madsen

The Wealthy Peasant

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She overcame hardships and redefined success!
The Wealthy Peasant is a captivating memoir chronicling Shauna Madsen's remarkable journey. From her tumultuous upbringing to achieving total independence at the age of 16, Madsen's story unfolds, revealing her challenges as a single mother and transformation into a flourishing entrepreneur. This inspiring narrative showcases the indomitable spirit of resilience and determination, exemplifying how one can forge triumph from past trials.
With wisdom and insight into the human condition, it provides a valuable lesson on developing inner wealth and understanding true abundance. The Wealthy Peasant is a powerful reminder that anything is possible if you dare to believe in yourself, even in the face of hardship. It is a creative exploration of resilience that will leave you feeling motivated, inspired, and ready for whatever challenges come your way.
What readers are saying:
"There are few books that I consider page-turners. From the time I picked up this book, I could not put it down because it is a global story of epic proportions…. I saw myself and humanity in every story and every precious nugget of wisdom.
Shauna gently and lovingly shares her own incredible life story and by doing so, allows us to create a path back to ourselves, back to true happiness and success. She never dictates one way as “the way", yet through her journey, we are inspired to glean the wisdom that whispers through every page to make the journey home back to our own true definition of wealth and joy."
Karen McGregor, International Speaker and author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller, The Tao of Influence: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Leaders and Entrepreneurs
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