Kristen Leigh King

No Niche Necessary

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Do you want to create an inspired business aligned to who you are, but you have too many ideas and things you’re passionate about?

Do you wish there was a more intuitive way to grow a business then just following the typical paths?

As a former project manager turned brand strategist and coach, the author, Kristen Leigh King, understands wanting to pursue your many passions and build a business that allows you to feel expansive and fulfilled around your many talents. In this book, she coaches you to have the power to carve your own path without conforming to the typical idea of a niche. Instead, she discusses how to find the intersection of your many passions, reframe your mindset around being an intuitive entrepreneur, and learn to structure your business for flexibility.

With this book as your guide, you’ll learn how to:

- Value your entrepreneurial potential as someone with many areas of expertise
- Move beyond the blocks that have been stifling your growth
- Build a flexible business framework that allows you to do what inspires you
- Create an inspired brand that embraces your many interests and still feels cohesive
- Make progress even when you’re feeling pulled in many different directions

It’s time to tap into your inner compass, see the uniqueness in all you do, and start
making the impact you were meant to make all on your own terms.

If you're ready to transform into the intuitive entrepreneur that you know you're meant to be, then grab this book to start your journey.
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