Corey Moore

Self-Discipline: How to achieve your goals by manipulating your subconscious (A Guide to help developing Self-Discipline)

You’d stop accidentally hurting your loved ones with uncontrollable emotional outbursts. You’d finally give up that boring job of yours and find the courage to start a business. You’d make your dreams come true – well, most of them.

In this book you will learn:
•                  What is self-discipline or control?
•                  Foundational habits
•                  Always priori how to be self-disciplined
•                  Soldiers that you should try
•                  Create valuable habits by applying self-discipline
•                  Managing ourselves
•                  How to improve your focus
•                  Self-confidence boost
•                  The concepts of accountability and honesty
•                  Finding focus

People with a higher degree of self-control spend less time debating whether to indulge in behaviors that are detrimental to their health and are able to make positive decisions more easily.
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Corey Moore


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