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The Mind/Body Connection

Did you know that thought is an action? Think about that for a moment...thinking is an action. The mind is the place where thinking occurs!

I guess you rarely consider the act of thinking.

It's just something that happens as you go about your daily life.

With our busy lives, not many of us take the time to sit and think. Our hectic lives result in thinking being more instinctive and rarely planned.

You may find it hard to believe, but before you said good morning to a family member, the thought of those words existed in your mind. Even before the words were spoken.

Also, without thinking, we cannot move our bodies.

For example, think about the process of raising your hand.

No, don't think about it - go ahead and raise your hand.

Do you know what is happening?

Well, it's a complicated process in which the muscle contracts causing the hand to move.

An impulse from the nerve causes the muscle to contract. An action in the brain sends the impulse along the nerve.

The brain, nerve and muscle work together like the parts our body would have of a machine. The machine that is our body would have no action the power of the mind.

What about will power, can we affect change in our life using our will power?
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