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The MBA Book - Handbook for Modern Business Practice

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Welcome to the Twenty First Century. Welcome to a time in which anyone can start his own business, become the master of his own destiny, and shape the future according to his own dreams. These are very exciting times indeed and I would argue that there's never been an era quite like the one we are living in. The rules are changing faster and in deeper ways than they ever have before. Before long, the business practices of the recent past will look as quaint as medieval battle tactics. Some of you would disagree with me on that point, taking the stance that every generation believes they are living in a uniquely different time, and that it's all a matter of perspective. As tempted as I am to accept that apparent wisdom, it's hard to ignore the signs that we are in the midst of an unprecedented shift in the course of human development.
Too many modern business education texts ignore the fast paced change in the business landscape today. They waste your time with anachronistic concepts that will only confuse you and slow you down when you try to apply them in real life. This book is drawn from research into how business is conducted today, and how it will be conducted in the future. We don't waste your time with outdated theories and models, but instead we bring you powerful ideas and techniques that you can use today.
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