Kristoff May

Restore Health with Food

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If you want to lose weight definitive as well as improve your wellness and health, then just keep reading...

Feel the power of vegan and keto diet - together!

Here’s the deal. You’ve tried all the "clean eating" plans online...gulped down 15 different supplements every morning...and worked your butt off in the gym...but you still look in the mirror and see string-bean arms. And no matter how hard you diet, you always seem to have love handles or pockets of fat in unwanted places. Sound familiar?

If it does, then the information in this audiobook is your answer.

The ketogenic diet has become popular for both its weight loss benefits and many improvements it can make to your health. However, many vegans have been left wondering how they can get the same benefits on a diet that commonly includes meat, dairy, and eggs. Thankfully, the health benefits of vegan and ketogenic diets have been successfully combined, making the lifestyle twice as powerful in weight-loss and health-benefit abilities. Whether you are hoping to lose weight, treat epilepsy, reduce your risk of developing cancer, or slow down old age, you will find that the vegan ketogenic diet can help! Science has well proven the effects of this lifestyle, and within this audiobook, we explore those effects, what studies have to say, and what scientists have discovered.

You will never have to struggle with the bloating, sluggishness, weight gain, and health problems brought about with the standard diet. There is another option. You can learn to change your dietary lifestyle step-by-step until you are fully on the vegan ketogenic diet, and then you will never want to go back again. You will come to enjoy this lifestyle, the energy it provides, weight loss it promotes, and health benefits it delivers.

All of these benefits should convince you to buy this audiobook because it is one of a kind.
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