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Are You Ready To Consistently Break 90?

Get ready to shave off strokes from your game in no time when you grab your copy of "21 Tips & Tricks" today!

Golf is one of the most difficult sports to master. The difference between a successful drive and a ball that drops straight into the pond is just millimeters. Hitting that perfect spot each and every time you're up can take years of practice and dedication, but don't let that deter you from getting "good enough". Being good enough means having a correct understanding of the fundamentals that you can build on in the correct way, and I teach you that in this book. In fact, I'm so confident in this book that I state right in my introduction that if you apply the 21 tips & tricks within this book, your buddies will be buying the Saturday afternoon beer for losing every single weekend. I guarantee it! How's that for bragging rights?

Here Is A Sneak Peek Of The Tricks I'll Teach You..

-My 7 Pitch Shot Techniques For Nailing Every Shot

-My 3 Sand Trap Escape Tricks

-The #1 Golden Rule Of Chip Shots

-The 3 Rules Of Putting, Chipping, And Pitching

-My 2 Best Putting Drills For Mastering The Putt Game

-My 3 Golf Swing Improvement Tips

-Much, much more!

Get out of that sand trap and purchase your copy today!
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