Christy Conson

Heart Attack: The Ultimate Guide to Prevent Reverse Heart Disease and Stroke

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Have you suffered from a heart attack or stroke recently?
Are you worried that you could be someone who may be prone to such?
Do you want to be able to prevent getting a heart attack or reverse heart disease?
Millions of people suffer from heart disease and every year millions more die from a heart attack or stroke. Living with the constant fear of something like this cutting short your life can be frightening and limit you to what you do. But there are ways that you can prevent and even reverse this condition from ever happening.
Inside this audiobook, Heart Attack: The Ultimate Guide to Prevent or Reverse Heart Disease and Stroke, you will discover tips and tricks that will help you to avoid the chances of heart attack or stroke and allow you to live a better life, with advice on:
- Understanding what the risks are
- Making sure you have a health check
- Why diet is important
- Losing weight
- The importance of exercise
- And lots more…
The last thing that anyone wants is to die from an entirely preventable disease, so take action now and make sure that you reduce the chances of having a heart attack as much as possible.
Heart Attack is the audiobook that could well save your life!
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