Geoffrey Giuliano

Beware of Beatles Worship and other Peculiarities 2019

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When the Beatles first came to our attention in a big way in 1964 it was obvious they were a phenomena to reckon with. History changers in the form of four shaggy haired young men who certainly knew how to carry a tune. Beatlemania swept the planet and the names John, Paul, George, and Ringo became household words. Unlike the Rolling Stones who just keep on going the Beatles broke up in 1970 but there is an international league of devoted fans who still spend an inordinate amount of their lifetimes thinking about, studying, listening to, and yes, even worshiping the Beatles to this day - some 50 years after they decided to go there separate ways. Geoffrey Giuliano has written 24 books on the group and was friendly with George Harrison. Obviously, he knows the subject well - but now that he sees fans in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and yes,even 80s, still clinging to the group so vehemently he wonders in this unique audio rant if it’s really such a good idea. Giuliano himself spent a lot of time over the last 30 years thinking, writing, and talking about the Beatles - but it was done as a profession. These tens of thousands around the world have taken it up almost as a quasi-religion, or indeed a kind of cult. This is not to say that it is necessarily a bad thing -but is it is a phenomenon he notes in this unique audiobook. The premise being that one can perhaps take things too far when it comes to being a fan of any one. How healthy is it to give yourself over to someone you’ve never met, don’t know, but whose work and public persona you so greatly admire? This is this the seminal question raised by this one of a kind recording with the most proficient and prolific of all Beatles authors.
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