John Thibault


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SWAY - The Inside Secrets the Top 1% Use to Influence Policy Change and Get What They Want and How You Can Too.
If you are frustrated by politics, but you don't know think there's a way to make a difference, discover how there really is an easier way. It doesn't have to be complicated and you don't need to be a political science major to get started. You can find a way to move forward to begin to improve your community, influence the country, and impact the world.
Sway gives frustrated voters a simple alternative to voting. We want to revolutionize voting and how bills and laws are created. In a simple Q&A format, Sway gives the reader a quick overview of the process that you can use to fix broken laws and radically improve the world. You need the tools, training, network, relationships and funding to make meaningful change in the political area. Sway shows you how.
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