Armando Lazzari

Dinner with the Mafia

A comedy about a thirty year-old New Yorker who is in the dark about his family`s mafiosa activities and finds himself involved in a vendetta between families and on the hunt for an elusive treasure.
“Brilliant and dynamic, you will be thrown into an exhilarating adventure for the hunt of a hidden treasure in a captivating New York; in a world where the word `Mafia` will make you smile. Riddles, pursuits and a comedy of errors surround the characters in a vortex of gags, unaware that they are the center of attention of the `Family` that wants to protect them; of the ruthless rival mob that threatens them for the loot; and the interest of two confused cops who stalk them in an attempt to figure out what`s going on.”
“Take a slice of `The Big Apple` and add two good kids: Ben and Susan. Now blend that with a strong and determined mafia `Family` that blackmails them, and mix in the frenetic pursuit of a hidden treasure. Spice it up with fervent cops hot on their heels and above all, don`t forget to garnish everything with yet another New York rival `Family`, whose Boss is the uncle of the young Ben, that has always protected him. The secret ingredient: Ben must never know about his uncles` true `business` and must continue to believe that they are honest workers, due to a promise made at the time of his father`s death. Serve this in a brilliant and dynamic setting, accompanied with a fresh liveliness...of puzzling riddles, misunderstandings and never-ending pursuits.”
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