Solomon Hailu

Deliverance from the Kingdom of Darkness

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Deliverance is to be set free from spiritual, physical and emotional infirmities and afflictions by God’s divine interventions. Every one of us needs deliverance. The book outlines different ways and examples God delivered His people in the past and delivering them today. The author shares his personal experiences of many years of deliverance ministry. The scriptures tell us that God delivers us from the kingdom of darkness in many ways. God delivers whoever cries out to him for help. All you have to do is to recognize him as your deliverer and reach out to him no matter how difficult your problem might be. There is nothing too difficult to God.

About the Author

Solomon Hailu, Ph.D is a full Professor of Political Science at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Hailu published numerous academic books and journal articles in the area of politics and international relations. In addition, Dr. Hailu published books entitled “Experiencing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit”, “The Kingdom of God”, “Unveiling the Kingdom of God.”, “Insights Into the Kingdom of God.” and “The Power of the Anointing.” Dr. Hailu and his wife, Mulu who is a professor of Electrical Engineering and a senior Electrical Engineer founded the Unshaken Kingdom Ministry in Tulsa.
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