George Hanson

Options Trading for Beginners

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If you want to hedge your investments, make extraordinary returns and become financially free, then keep reading!

Options trading is the best way to reach financial freedom in financial markets. In fact, for the past 100 years, people worldwide have had the opportunity to make money by buying and selling options. Success stories are found on every “make money” website, and you can be next!

After the rise of stock prices in 2021, many people are trying to hedge their investments to protect their profits. This is not easy to do and can lead to significant losses. You need the proper guidance to trade options the right way.

You need the right tools and strategies to join the club of the few profitable options traders that become financially free. Do not worry. Significant initial capital is not a requirement. While more money means more firepower, it is unnecessary to have thousands of dollars to build wealth and hedge your investments.

In this audiobook, you will discover:

- The secret strategies to find options with an incredible risk/reward ratio

- The best way to do fundamental analysis on options

- The eight most effective options strategies to hedge your investments and make even more money on your positions

- A complete guide to covered warrants

- The nine technical indicators to understand when to buy and sell options to maximize your profit

- and much, much more!

Do not worry. You will not have to spend hours and hours in front of your computer. The options strategies presented in this audiobook have one goal in mind: making you as much money as possible while saving you time!

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