Ophelia Bell

Casey's Secrets

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I’m late for curfew once and my stepfather decides to spank me.
The kicker? I’m 18... way too old for a spanking. Also, he’s hot when he’s angry, and he’s been angry a lot since Mom started screwing around on him.
His demand is so irritating I snap at him. “Fine, you old bastard! Have at it!” And I drop my pants and bend over his knees.
When the first smack hits hot against my behind, I’m not prepared for my reaction. It hurts. But it also feels good.
Way too good.
So good, pretty soon I can’t hide how turned on I am.
And when he finds out?
That’s when everything changes.

Casey's Secrets is the first novella in Ophelia Bell's kinky "Rebel Lust Taboo" series. It's a short, steamy read with an HEA, perfect for fans of Cherise Sinclair, Chelle Bliss, Jade West, Meghan March, Lynda Aicher, and Sawyer Bennett.
Animus Press
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