Pauline Rowson

Telemarketing, Cold Calling and Appointment Making

Telemarketing presents companies with some great opportunities to win more business. If done professionally it can help you to stimulate orders, generate leads, and build rapport with your customers. If done incorrectly you can lose business, alienate your customers, and destroy your organisation's reputation. In addition, you might fall foul of the law. So it pays to get it right. But telemarketing strikes fear into the hearts of many. This highly practical guide will take you through the telemarketing call step by step. It will show you not only how to conduct your telemarketing and cold calls in a professional manner, but will also give you the confidence to succeed. In this guide you will learn some positive telephone techniques to help you get through to the right person; how to promote the benefits of your services or products over the telephone, how to plan and structure your calls for maximum results; how to use your voice and personality on the telephone to build rapport; how to handle objections and secure an appointment, or achieve your objective, and how to convert enquiries into sales.
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