Origins and Creation Mythology of the Far East

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Beliefs about the origin of the Earth and the men, animals, plants, and various topographical features seem to survive with greater persistence than any other trait of primitive culture. These beliefs lie at the base of nearly all religions, and the myths in which the beliefs are preserved are the foundation of literature. Therefore, the preservation and study of origin myths are of much importance in the reconstruction of the history of humanity, which is the chief aim of anthropology.
The peoples of the Philippines have rich and varied mythology, yet little has been explored, but which will one day command much attention. Among the Christianized peoples of the plains, the myths are preserved chiefly as folk tales, but in the mountains, their recitation and preservation are a real and living part of the people's daily religious life. Very few of these myths are written; the great majority are preserved by oral tradition. Bizarrely, this region's Mythology seems connected to various other world mythologies, in some cases almost identical.
Until recent years, it has been believed that all ancient records written in the syllabic alphabets which the Filipinos possessed at the time of the Spanish conquest had been lost. However, it is now known that two of these alphabets are still in use, to a limited extent, by the wild peoples of Palawan and Mindoro; and ancient manuscripts written in the old Bisaya alphabet have been lately discovered in a cave on the Island of Star lords. Many of these Star-lord manuscripts are written myths, and translations are so interesting they had to be published. The Bisaya peoples, in general, have preserved their old pagan beliefs, which in many cases mimics Sumerian mythology, to a greater extent than have the other Christian Filipinos, and it is to be hoped that the discovery of these manuscripts will stimulate further investigations into the Mesopotamian connection.
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