John Campbell

Who Goes There?

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Classic Sci-Fi and horror. A group of scientific researchers, isolated in Antarctica discover an alien spaceship where it crashed twenty million years before. They also recover the alien pilot from the ancient ice. Thawing revives the alien, a being which can assume the shape, memories, and personality of any living thing it devours, while maintaining its original body mass for further reproduction. That's when the paranoia justifiably kicks in. How can you be sure the guy next to you is actually your pal or some shape-shifting horror from outer space which is just waiting for a chance to eat and assimilate YOU? The base members fight back with resourcefulness and determination, but they don't really have any special qualifications for something this incredible. Oscar nominated and Emmy Award winning Special Effects Artist Ed French narrates this suspenseful story that originally appeared in the 1938 edition of Astounding Stories Magazine . This is probably not a good story for someone to listen to who's on the edge of a paranoid psychotic episode and has stopped taking their meds. It's a real thriller!

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