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Colapesce: An Audio Adventure

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"Too much water will turn you into a fish..."

In a time when earthquakes, tsunamis, and other strange occurrences are wreaking havoc across Sicily, word spreads of a young boy from Messina named Cola—a fisherman’s son who spends so much of his time diving beneath the waves that many call “Colapesce” or “Cola the Fish.” Rumors of Cola’s incredible diving abilities eventually reach Sicily’s Princess. Defying the wishes of her father, the arrogant King, the Princess appeals to Cola to investigate what lies beneath the sea’s surface and find the cause of the destruction. Cola dives deeper and deeper into the Strait of Messina, encountering sirens and sea monsters along the way…until he learns that deep below the water’s surface, something even more sinister threatens the entire island of Sicily.

Colapesce: An Audio Adventure is based on Trinacria’s original script for La Storia di Colapesce, which was created collaboratively by eight multidisciplinary American theatre artists during a month-long residency in Messina, in Northeast Sicily. During that time, company members lived and worked in a small rural community learning about the local language, history, culture, and folklore. La Storia di Colapesce was performed in both Italian and English, and was presented free of charge for the Sicilian public, touring to five locations in the province of Messina in 2016. The performance also toured to New York City and three different locations in Massachusetts, and was featured on Italian public national broadcaster Rai Italia and Rai International.

Featuring an ensemble of eight actors and musicians, Colapesce: An Audio Adventure is an enchanting storytelling album that brings the Sicilian folktale of Colapesce to life with original music, perfect for listeners of all ages.
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