Harriet Sinclair

Intermittent Fasting Mastery: The Practical Guide to Using OMAD, Intermittent, Alternate Day and Extended Day Fasting for Weight Loss and Optimum Health for Men and Women

If you want the proven way to lose up to 11 pounds in the next 30 days and keep it off, then keep listening....
Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to lose weight and heal your body? Do you want to do both in a sustainable way while enjoying life?
As someone who knows the struggles we all go through on our weight-loss journeys, at times it can be nearly impossible to actually reach our goals. Not only that, we are constantly bombarded with fad diets and supplements that only provide temporary solutions and often actually harm our health in the process! Instead, what I have realized is the key to long term weight loss that is actually permanent is transforming your whole lifestyle, instead of looking for short-term quick fixes that simply don’t work!
So, now it’s your turn to completely revolutionize your mindset regarding weight loss and healing your body and finally smash all of your weight-loss goals with the power of fasting.
Here is just a sliver of what you will discover inside in this two-in-one bundle.
11 intermittent fasting secrets to make the journey easier!
How to lose weight by eating more food
Think you have to eat tasteless food you hate to lose weight? Think again.
Why typical diets simply don’t work
How middle-aged men and women are losing more weight than ever while enjoying life! (and the food they eat!)
Exactly why fasting works and how it makes losing weight easier than ever!
The 10 most common myths about fasting debunked
How to find what fasting method is right for you
Exactly how to curb your cravings for good
Why delicious food and fasting go hand in hand!
What diet pill and supplement companies won’t tell you about losing weight.
And SO MUCH more!
So, If You Want The Complete Guide To Finding A Fasting Method That Works For You And How Fasting Can Help You Lose Weight Effortlessly, Slow Down Aging, Promote Longevity And Even Increase Productivity Scroll Up And Click "Add To Cart."
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