Stina Lindenblatt

Decidedly with Mistletoe

Kissing-under-the-mistletoe rule #1: never kiss your ex-fiancée.
My plans for the Christmas break include:
1. Drive to Lake Tahoe,
2. Learn to ski,
3. Enjoy hot, earth-shattering sex (and end my sex drought!),
4. Meet my Forever Love under the mistletoe.
Right—the last one was my friend’s prediction, but you never know. What I don’t count on is a flat tire, a major blizzard, and for Liam Quade, my ex-fiancé and the man who broke my heart ten years ago, to come to my rescue.
Oh, damn.
While driving back to San Francisco to spend Christmas with my family, I discover Ava stuck on the side of the road. She’s the woman I was forced to walk away from ten years ago.
And now, she’s the woman who would rather be coated with honey and fed to a hungry bear than to be within ten feet of me. Ouch.
I drive Ava to a nearby inn to wait out the storm…and end up kissing her under the mistletoe.
But Christmas magic is in the air and I quickly realize that I never stopped loving her. As secrets from ten years ago begin to unravel, I have to prove to her our love is worth a second chance.
I have to prove to Ava that I’m her forever.
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