Yu'wrian Rise

Better than A Man: What Women Can Learn about Self, Men and Love

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The problem women have today is that many of them do not know who they are, what goals they want to obtain, and what definition of happiness they want from men. In addition, many women also have unwanted baggage in their lives, such as ex-boyfriends, abusive husbands or significant others, and now it is time for a change. There is a saying: if someone mistreats you, breaks your heart, or is incompatible with you, then it is best to move on, because if a snake bites you once, it will bite you again. You can believe that if a man abuses your trust, do not give him the opportunity to do it again. One must be willing to change oneself in order to keep the love and stability in their marriages and relationships strong. You cannot bring old habits into a situation where it violates or disrespects the other’s feelings and disrupt peace within the family. Communication is extremely beneficial, and by understanding your partner’s feelings, you can see a new horizon that brings peace, understanding and enjoyable lovemaking. A change is necessary when you understand what you need, and not what you want.
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