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Most of us started training dogs because they helped improve the overall relationship of humans and canines. They appreciate the training of dogs and the teaching and learning experiences of their owners. We love the dogs' company and take every chance to be around them. We love seeing changes in contact between the owner and the dog.
Our suggested solution will vary depending on each dog and situation. It provides flexibility; as the owner and the dog learn how to communicate better, the situation can be adjusted and adapted.
We will cover any and all approaches we use before we begin training. It covers the appropriate and conscientious use of common dog training tools, the correct application, history and function of the instrument, and any medical effects that the device may have on the dog. We use resources depending on the dog and owner. If we disagree with its use for this dog, or if the owner disagrees with its use, we will not use a tool.
Our philosophy of dog training is based on four main principles: simplicity, moderation, balance, and consciousness. Our experience with dogs has these concepts and our study of dog breeds, the actions of dogs, the relationship between humans and dogs, the language of dogs ' bodies, and how dogs respond to people and dogs.
That dog answers a person according to the way he or she behaves to the dog. Dog training is pointless if the teacher listens to your dog, but you do not learn. Therefore, owner guidance, even if the teacher is not present, is the most important component of these training programs. This book is targeted to listen to the owner and to track the actions of the dog around the owner. The purpose is to help the owner see and understand the nature of the dog and how its actions affect the behavior of the dog. When completed, it becomes easier for the trainer to reliably achieve the desired behavior of the dog.
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Tim Weller


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