Melissa Wright

Bound by Prophecy

My only job is to protect the chosen. The trouble is, she's the key to a prophecy and everyone wants her. Hiding a girl in the center of a secret war is tricky business, but when her sister shows up to take me hostage, all bets are off. 
A slim brunette in borrowed jeans should be the least of my problems but there's something about Emily I just can't put to rights. And it's not her penchant for using hand tools as weapons or the fact that she seems immune to my sway. 
Everything about her screams run. When I discover she's working toward her own prophecy, I have no choice but to keep her safe. It might be easy if she didn't think she was the chosen's protector instead of me. When the opposition descends, our only hope is to stick together, but the truth unravels, and sticking together might prove the biggest complication of them all.
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