Hal Elrod

237: An Unconventional Approach to Making This Your Best Year Ever

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Each December, Jon Berghoff and I team up with the Front Row Foundation to present the Best Year Ever Blueprint LIVE experience in San Diego, California.

It’s a community-created experience… scientifically designed to invite reflection, awareness and reconnection with your highest/best self… and artfully engineered with nature, music, movement and space to help you amplify your most powerful strengths and access your biggest future.

On today’s podcast, I’m joined by both Jon Berghoff and Front Row Foundation founder Jon Vroman to reveal an unconventional approach that you can immediately implement into your world, which happens to be exactly what makes the BYEB Live experience unlike any other in the world (literally).

We want you to have your best day… year… and life ever—no matter where you’re at or what you’re doing—and to give you universally applicable principles to help you amplify your results for you, everyone you love, and everyone you lead.
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