Rob Aspinall

The Holdup

No memory. No escape.
You wake up at the wheel of a car, surrounded by blood and bullet holes. A bag of loot in the back and three guys in masks, dead.
The sun blazes down. Desert vultures circle. You know who you are, but not how you got here. If you knew whose money you were holding, you'd be running scared.
The mob wants blood. The corporates want oil. And you’re caught in the kill zone, in the small town of Rattlesnake, Arizona. The residents are on their knees. And you might be their only chance.
As he pieces together the mystery, Cobb must choose between self-preservation and sacrifice. That’s if infamous hitman, Mr Box, doesn’t get to him first.
The Holdup is the third explosive instalment in an action-packed series filled with page-turning twists. Perfect for fans of James Patterson and Lee Child, prepare to join forces with action’s baddest antihero.
Listen to The Holdup now and strap in for a high-octane thrill ride.
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