How Smart Clothing Can Help You To Get In Shape - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #055

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On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness we're giving you a snapshot of a still fairly new subcategory of wearables, connected clothing. Charlie will start off by discussing some predictions about the future of the connected clothes market. Then, most importantly, he will talk us through how various pieces of smart apparel can help you reach your fitness goals more effectively.

Tune in to learn about exciting brands and how their innovative active wear will get you in shape!

Three Things You Will Learn 

1) What The Fitness Benefits Are Of Smart Clothing By Under Armour
Under Armour is a well-known brand among all health & fitness enthusiasts. But what might not be common sense for everyone is that they have entered the fit-tech space as well. Listen to this week's episode to find out what smart clothing you can get with the Under Armour logo, and of course how they will help you to get in shape!

2) Wearables For Mastering Your Running Technique
Running is definitely one of the best cardio workouts, but to ensure its effectiveness, you really have to master your form. OMsignal and Sensoria are two brands out there who have also realized this. Although their smart apparel are very distinct, both of these brands are driven by the same goal. And this is to help you master your running technique and in turn minimize the risk of injuries and maximize results.
Press play to learn about the different approaches the two brands take to reach this goal. In particular, how OMSignal's connected bras use breath analysis to improve your running technique. And how Sensoria's smart socks and anklet capture data while running to provide you with recommendations.

3) A Virtual Personal Trainer Built Into Your Gym Clothes
Finally reaching the 'wow' category, Athos is definitely a name you should know about. To overcome the boundaries of high personal trainer costs and to ensure extremely accurate performance tracking, the Athos guys have created active wear with built-in sensors.
From today's episode you can get an insight into how the Athos connected shirts and leggings work and whether they live up to their nearly $700 price tag. 

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