R.J. Anderson

Manipulation and Dark Psychology

How can you persuade someone to do exactly what you want? Better yet, how can you do so without them having the slightest idea you’re doing it? What if there was a way to make people do your bidding while believing the action was their idea in the first place? Imagine having the power that ensures your requests are met without hesitation! If there were such a power, would you take it? Not only does such a thing exist, you can find it here. The answer lies within dark psychology. Within this bundle is the knowledge you’ll need to master influencing people using methods such as:
Neurolinguistic programmingSubliminal persuasionDark CBT techniques to rewire peoples brainBody language analysis and understanding behaviorsHow to plant different emotional seeds that will grow in people’s mindsHow to use words to steer people however you likeWith these psychological techniques, you’ll be able to manipulate anyone to convince them to do anything you want them to. You’ll know how to analyze and learn about everyone around you before you’ve even spoken to them... Within this book, you will learn:
Tips and tricks: How to manipulate another personThe rules of persuasionDetailed examples in real world situationsA step-by-step guide on manipulating others with NLPHow to succeed at work with social cuesHow to hypnotize anyoneThe study of human behaviorHow to analyze different personality typesSocial survivor skillsMagic words for influencing othersForbidden secrets about persuasionExposed techniques used by politicians and advertisersNever again be the victim of manipulation. The tables will turn around as you become the master manipulator. Once you’ve listened to this book, you’ll be an expert in influence. Anyone you want will do anything you please!
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R.J. Anderson


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