Angela Wayning

Giftedness: Problems and Opportunities Your Brilliant Child May Face (2 in 1 Combo)

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This is a deal with two titles in it for a discounted price. These two books are included:
1: This book focuses on the emotional and inspirational support gifted children need to accomplish the goals they or you have set. It’s not necessarily easy to be gifted, with all the high expectations and a brain that races at night when you are trying to sleep and are actually coming up with a million ideas to implement.
Gifted children often have a hard time staying focused on one thing, unless it’s something they are passionate about. Then they are hyper-focused. This and other problems can be address when talking to teachers, as well as the fact that some gifted kids seem to underachieve for various reasons. The best ways to motivate your gifted children are here, as well as tactics to deal with bullies, which often target more sensitive and intelligent children. Bullying is one of the last topics addressed in this guide: How to talk about it with the teacher, how to avoid becoming a target more quickly, and how to make it go away.
2: In this brief guide to giftedness, we will assess and critically examine the results of IQ-tests and their significance. We will also look at the homework problems many gifted children face, with their particular set of grey matter, and why schools often fail to meet the needs of those same children, because let’s face it: The schools often have no clue what to do with them, how to challenge them properly, or how to adapt a program to their constant drive to explore, discover, and be more creative.
Another subject in this book is how you can help gifted children manage their intense feelings and their overexcitement. Gifted children tend to experience things on a deeper, more intense level, and this can both lead to genius moments and hypersensitivity and being overly dramatic about seemingly small issues. How to handle this, is key of one of the chapters in this guide.
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